In case the installer is not showing the desired destination Photoshop directory, it is recommended to check installer logs to provide Developers with broader documentation.

The installer loads several menus that are displayed in two different ways depending on the OS:

  • macOS: It is shown as a menu bar like all Mac applications. Click on Help and next on Show logs to open the log folder located in /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Logs/neoTextil

  • Windows: It is shown as a pop-up window when clicking on the top left icon of the installer dialog. Hover over Help and next click on Show logs to open the log folder located in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\neoTextil\logs

Show logs point to main.log, which adds a "Disabling hardware accelerator..." entry every time the installer is run.

The file where the installed Photoshop versions are shown is renderer.log. Click on the latter to check if the neoTextil installer is finding all of them. They are listed at the bottom with the current date and time.

Report any installed supported version missing whether in the log or the installer window.

As a workaround since neoTextil version 8.5, the destination directory can be added as custom.

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