These tools are in use to split specific areas of the print object in the print document.


This program function allows you to select a specific area of a design and trim it. This is especially useful to carry out printing tests of the most representative areas of a design, without having to print the whole design. There are two ways to do this, selecting the crop button on the left of the sidebar or by choosing the branch 'Cropping' from the Control Center.

When you click on the button, you are able to make a selection of the design graphically. This operation can be done as many times as it is required. The area selected can also be modified by moving the corners of the rectangle. The new size is indicated in the size fields on the top bar.


The program contains a tool for dividing a file into various panels to print separately. This option is very useful when the designs are very large and must be printed in sections. Click on the tiling button on the sidebar and the window with the available panel features will pop up.

The number of pieces desired can be set in Rows and Columns, as well as the exact measure of Overlap needed, which will be that overprint space between panels that will allow an easy assembly. When 'Remove white border' usually by default in some image formats is taken away when the option is selected. At selecting 'Add cut marks', another dialog appears with several options. These will be fully explained further on, in the section Crop and Registration Marks in this document.

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