With this option, we have the possibility of making multiple copies of the same design with absolute ease. 


1. Access the function 'Mosaic' from the Properties, or select the button on the left of the sidebar.  

2. When you click on the side button, you are able to make a selection of the design graphically, while moving the green indicators surrounding the image.

3. If you wish to make a selection manually, click on the Mosaic option in the Control Center. You will have two options to operate Mosaic: Copies and Rapport. The rapport option is licensed-based.

  • Copies: Introduce the number of copies desired in width and length or the total of them. Below, in Gap, you can set the distance between copies. The media page with the new copies as per the above settings will be repeated.
  • Rapport: This option allows us to set the copies as repetition using rapport drop. Introduce the width and height of the rapport repetition and set the drop value and orientation. Using files with embedded rapport information, drop, and orientation will be detected automatically. The media page with the repetition will be repeated seamlessly.


1. Still in the Mosaic dialogue, you can introduce and edit numbering each of the copies. First tick on the 'Numbers' option, and the 'Edit' button will become available.

2. From the opened dialog you can choose the format of numbering, font and size, color of font, and position of the number in the copy with respect to the edge of the image.

3. When pagination is applied, the composition of the images on the media page will look ordered.

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