Live Canvas is a function to display the object on one simulated printing canvas to print directly on the object. This option is licensed-based.


Open Live Canvas

Once neoStampa is activated and started, on the top menu when a new document is open you will see the webcam icon. Click on the icon to start the application component.

For auto-start of Live Canvas, you can enable the preference to open it automatically.



When the application component has started, you will have:

  • The preview on the left is the preview to make the setup for the canvas size.
  • The preview on the right is the preview of the final setup.
  • Camera selection (multiple).
  • Calibration creation and selection.
  • Data of the calibration.
  • Snapshot option.



To make the canvas setup, also called Calibration, move the 4 points that are building the frame to frame the object you want to define as the canvas. You can move the points with the mouse when the point color changes to yellow after clicking on the point.

Once the object is framed, in the centered preview you can see the final canvas size that is at the same time used in the opened document as the background. 

This newly created calibration can be saved and deleted with the same named options. From the list, the saved calibrations can be selected and the points value in the pixel of the frame can be seen. The media size is defined in neoStampa's control center tools. Snapshot allows making a picture of the canvas to place in the page background.

Camera resolution

You can change the resolution of cameras when using the key shortcut combination 'Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R'. This will open the configuration dialog to select and change the resolution.

From this point, you can add printing files in the neoStampa document to print your design on the object.

Reading QR

The possibility to scan a QR code and see the result is scanned when holding the QR in front of the camera.