The option is located in Calibration Wizard in Print Configuration or Printer Scheme Manager. From the button 'Drop sizes..' or 'Consumptions...' you can customize the drop sizes from kDots to ml to calculate cost control for all inks or individuals per color.

Once applied, the information is used in the internal log that is reflected in the print cost and consumption calculations. 

By enabling the calculation, the ink consumption on the Control Center is shown in milliliters for all jobs printed as of that moment.

NOTE: Some Some driver specifications have embedded kdots information that cannot be customized.

Let's see the case when the calculation is disabled in order to get consumption units back to kDots.

When droplet size calculations have been disabled on neoStampa and a job has been printed without this feature, the expected consumption units on Control Center are kDots. But when the job ink consumption is checked on Control Center it is shown in milliliters.

The reason is droplet sizes stored in neoControl are not reset although the calculation was disabled on neoStampa. In order to obtain ink consumption in kDots, printer droplet sizes must be removed from the database.


1. Open neoControl by entering the address in the URL tab of a web browser.

2. Select "Schemas" and find the printer schema of the job.

3. Go to "Droplet Sizes" and delete all the content in the field. Bear in mind that this content is not recoverable and you would have to enter it on neoStampa again if the required consumption units for the next jobs are milliliters.

4. Print a job and check the job info on Control Center. There is no data for each ink color in milliliters but an overall value in kDots.

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