You access the Simulations by clicking on the button situated at the top tab bar. On the left you can see all the objects without simulations you have available or organized in categories, once created in administration, and on the right, you have the designs, colorways, or colors of the color libraries.


Simulation Page

When you enter the page with one design selected before in the designs or colorways view, then the simulation is automatically created and is presented in the center of the page. From the lower bar, you can zoom in/out or show the real size of the selected simulation model.

Object parts

The simulations objects contain parts and are shown in the Simulations Settings list. Objects may have as many eligible parts as you wish, depending on the job previously created with nT VirtualVision. Each part can be deactivated so that no design is applied, showing the original photo image.

Design offset

The offset of the design on the model can be adjusted with the mouse when moving over the simulation object image. It detects the part and highlights it so that with the mouse and drag&drop the offset can be set. Resetting the offset can be done from the option next to the rotation options. The direction of the design can be rotated with the arrows next to the angle degree.

Scale design texture

You can apply the texture in different scale versions by using the scale slider tool. This is one advanced option and can be enabled by the administrator only in the advanced preferences.

Apply Colorways and Colors in Simulations

From the search field on the right of the window, you can search for design and colorway names, or choose between colorways or colors simulations.

Colorways Simulation

If you wish to make simulations using colorways, select the option Colorways. It will show all colorways which you can search for when using the search fields. Any colorway selected will be applied to the model/object.


Colors Simulation

The option Colors opens your Color Libraries. Any color selected will be applied to the model/object, and it will be shown in a square patch on the right. As in other windows of this program, the search field is there for you to find a particular color by color or by name.

You can customize the view with the adjustment button next to the library name. Choose the size of the patches and view the color name or not. These adjustments are based on the logged-in user and will remain for the user only on the coloring colorway and simulations page.

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