Shopping Cart is the order request feature in neoCatalog Server. With this feature, you can select your colorways and add them as items in the Shopping Cart to create an order request. When checking out the order, the acceptor is going to receive an email with all requested information, and the option to accept the order from the email. The order request process is managed from the request page. When the option is enabled, after the log in a new cart icon next to the logout appears one cart icon.

This page is optional and an Administrator of your neoCatalog must activate it in administrations preferences.

Add items

Select designs or colorways and add them to the Shopping Cart with the button 'Add to Cart' from the bottom menu bar. The items will be added to the cart so that the item quantity is shown in the cart icon on the top. 

Click on the Cart and you will access a new page where all your items are listed. Exclusive designs are blocked for the order, as long you don't have administrator privileges. The Checkout is blocked as long the exclusive design remains in the shopping cart.

Having administration rights, you can replace the exclusivity owner with your account with the checkbox below the comments field. Even without replacing the exclusivity, you can check out the order.

Removing the exclusive items the checkout order is available, regardless of which user privileges.

Edit items

  • To increase or erase the quantity of the item, enter the value in the field Quantity or use the up/down buttons.
  • To remove items, click on the 'Remove' button. 
  • Fabric and Finishing methods can be added for each item. 
  • Individual comments for the order request can be written in the given field. Finally, you will have an order request ready for checkout.

Checkout Order

Click on the Checkout button and it will confirm the message with OK, or else on 'Cancel' if you want to edit your order. When the checkout was successful, in the cart you will see the order number #.

Accept Order

As soon as the order is sent, you will receive a confirmation email with the order details. The designs will become exclusive for the days specified in the preference, by default are 7 days.

In the meantime, the order receiver is going to receive an order email with order details and the link to accept the order.


When the order is accepted, the order sender will be promptly informed by another email. The designs will become exclusive for the months specified in the preference, by default are 6 months.


From the request order page in neoCatalog in the default workflow, the order can be seen and started to be prepared. As soon as the order is started to be prepared, also the order sender will be informed by email.

Previous version 

(until 3.16.5)

The feature is optional and an Administrator of your neoCatalog must activate it in advanced preferences

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