neoCatalog 3.16.12

August 2023

What’s New

  • The release introduces the ability to change the background channel name, providing more customization options.
  • Enjoy enhanced convenience with the process of cleaning multiple embedded colorways, streamlining your workflow.
  • In the Requests feature, we've relocated the Print option from the Export menu, added the fabric width display to request items, and included the count of request sizes in the State column.  
  • Experience improved performance and faster loading times for previews and requests, ensuring a smoother user experience.
  • The release includes improvements in galleries previews generation, making it easier to navigate and preview your designs. Enjoy improved loading times for simulations when working in the accordion view, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience. Increase productivity with the ability to move accordion view items using keyboard arrows < and >.

Bug Fixes

  • The release addresses issues related to the database migration of engraving items, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.
  • Fixed the presence of temporary files in the design folder, eliminating clutter and maintaining a clean workspace.
  • Resolved issues with accordion previews for gallery items being remade each time the gallery is accessed, improving efficiency and performance.
  • Fixed an issue where assigning the wrong value to new colorways would generate excessive data, leading to proxy errors during the creation of new colorways.
  • Enhanced resolution for simulating texture on low-quality objects.
  • This update focuses on enhancing our product's translations for improved clarity and accuracy.

You might be wondering about the missing version 3.16.11. During the development process, we encountered compilation conflicts that led us to skip version 3.16.11. We decided to bypass version 3.16.11 and proceed directly to version 3.16.12. This decision did not lead to any loss of features or functionality.

neoCatalog 3.16.10

May 2023

What’s New

Destination "Save to Server" in Print Presets for Order Requests State Actions

Introduced a new destination option, "Save to Server," in the Print Presets for Order Requests state actions. This allows users to easily select "Save to Server" when configuring print presets for order requests.

With this feature, users can conveniently store print files directly on the server when the order is moved to the state that automates the execution, simplifying their workflow and ensuring seamless storage of files associated with order requests. This enhancement reduces manual effort, improves efficiency, and streamlines the overall print process for handling order requests.


Notification for Download Background Item

We have introduced a new notification feature that enhances the user experience during background item downloads. With this enhancement, users will receive notifications in two ways: through the notifications section in the application and via email.


  • In-Application Notifications: Users will now see real-time notifications within the application, providing updates on the progress and completion of background item downloads. These notifications will be prominently displayed in the notifications panel, ensuring users can easily track the status of their downloads.


  • Email Notifications: In addition to in-application notifications, users will also receive email notifications regarding the progress and completion of their background item downloads. These email notifications will be sent to the email address associated with their account, ensuring users can stay updated even when they are not actively using the application.


By implementing notifications in both the application and emails, we aim to provide users with multiple channels to receive updates on their background item downloads. This ensures that users are always informed about the progress of their downloads, regardless of whether they are actively using the application or not.

Request Order variables for orders and items with print layouts

The latest release introduces enhanced handling of request order variables for both orders and items with layouts. The new feature allows for automatic variable assignment within the layouts. This functionality provides greater flexibility and control over the placement and usage of request order information.

Bug Fixes

In this release, we have addressed bug fixes to ensure a smoother user experience by resolving issues related to preview styles, preset outputs, color libraries, crashes, naming conventions, watermarks, and application stability.

  • Preview style customization in titles is now properly used in Galleries.
  • Case-sensitive Status names now correctly use the assigned color.
  • Delete color library kept selected on the coloring page and colorway information.
  • Design and Colorway selection was not highlighted after updating items.
  • Increased the channel name limit to solve importation issues.
  • The preset for Save to Server destination now saves the correct destination name.
  • Fixed an issue where the missing Printer "Alias" user for Save to Server destination created the wrong file names in the wrong destination.
  • Watermarks are now properly saved on presets.

neoCatalog 3.16.9

April 2023

What’s New

  • Improved management for Sections. Now the sections can be removed from Categorizations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash on Simulation print after importing digital design
  • Fixed export quality that used PDF qualities

neoCatalog 3.16.8

March 2023

What’s New

  • Split request orders into multiple orders.
  • New footer options organization that groups Exit, Share & Download options for better accessibility.

  • The help widget connects with the Freshdesk knowledge base.

  • Print option got yards unit for custom size.
  • Email Notifications show the user's email instead user ID.
  • Now the invited users have been redirected to the neoCatalog URL instead Desktop app.
  • Updated Clarifai version. This update changes the Clarifai setup in neoCatalog with extra authentications.

Bug Fixes

  • Customer users cannot view attachments. New user privileges to manage the attachments. 
  • Fixed status color and status replacement.
  • Request orders bulk handling when moving between states.
  • XJB file generation with big files.
  • Fixed minor interface issues.

neoCatalog 3.16.7

February 2023

What’s New

not included.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed compilation error.

neoCatalog 3.16.6

February 2023

What’s New

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed undefined users for requests when editing request orders.
  • Fixed update for digital design and colorway when uploading a file from the edit dialog.
  • Fixed error downloading separated design by the user who owns it.

neoCatalog 3.16.5

January 2023

What’s New

  • QuickLogin to authenticate users without a password: Advanced option to enable and activate quick login feature for individual users. Once in use, just with only one click the user is logged in.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed login captcha in Windows. 
  • Fixed crashes in Request order creation and management.
  • Fixed user customer logos uploads.

neoCatalog 3.16.4

December 2022

What’s New

  • Custom information dialog: New custom dialog that allows customizing content and order of design and colorway information.

  • New option in open administration to replace status in designs.

  • Channel name shown in colorways patches.
  • New user privilege "Advanced edit". When is set to "Not Allowed", then the Section and Verifications options are hidden for users with Edit privileges.
  • Show gallery name in ribbon in designs thumbnails.
  • New field for coordinated designs in Advanced Search.
  • Added preference to enable double confirmation when deleting design.
  • Now we can rename titles in the glossary in design and colorway information.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashes in one session after a logged-in User deletes one design in another session
  • Fixed deleting digital design with digital colorways.
  • Fixed Error downloading digital designs owned by the logged-in customer.
  • Fixed comments in emails when sending PDFs.
  • Fixed Hotfolder QuickPrint Scenarios.
  • Fixed group selection when inviting users.

neoCatalog 3.16.3

November 2022

What’s New

  • Possibility to have the different watermark texture blend mode in previews.
  • Share sample preview alignment on the origin of the sample page.
  • Notifications type for deleting items (design & colorway).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed downloading with Layout Size horizontal turns the layout to vertical.

neoCatalog 3.16.2

October 2022

What’s New

Support implementation for Alph file format.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sending quick-print jobs from iOS to neoCatalog Server.
  • Fixed failed connection and publish colorways from Control Center.
  • Gridster component replaced to fix object position and resize.

neoCatalog 3.16.0

September 2022

What’s New

  • Improved colorway coloring: Type color libraries' color names in the channel to search and apply color. Move from one to the next channel with the tab keyboard. Color picker is supported and based on your web browser where you have started your neoCatalog session.

  • Request Orders: Based on user privileges (Now Allowed for Sales Information) we can hide the customer names in the request orders. Additionally, you can create new orders with new items.

  • New state "Status" action rule for request orders: When the action to change status is used in a state and once a request is moved to this state, then the status is created the same as the name of the state that will be embedded in the design information.
  • Shared Samples preview has new advanced preferences to increase the preview quality and modify inside sizes. 
  • Accordion previews have new advanced preferences to increase preview quality and modify inside sizes. 

  • Custom offset is now applied in thumbnails automatically.
  • The ruler in the detailed previews can be disabled from advanced preferences.

  • The modification date of the colorway is new as one of the default fields for colorway information that can be added in the dialog.

  • New process of advanced integrity to repair wrong digital designs files path when they have been moved or changed.

  • New option to select the section in Multiple file import that will import all files from the defined folder path into the section.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ICC path when working with embedded profiles in colorways.
  • Fixed multiple file importation when importing with Multiple file importation process.

  • Fixed to be able to change the state position for Request Order.

  • Fixed crash on replacing keyboards in administration.

  • Fixed that Gridster view in Galleries can show attachments in all supported web browsers.