New Library

1. From the button (list), go to 'New...' to create a new color library.


2. When you start with 'New...' a new dialog appears to choose the color space, color profile, color or gradient method or choose from the template.


3. If you use 'Template...', it will guide you to the color libraries' default folders to pick a color library which will use the library settings in color space and profile for the new one.

  • macOS: /Users/<USER>/Documents/neoTextil/ColorLibraries
  • Windows: C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\neoTextil\ColorLibraries


4. Select any of your color libraries in format VDB that will serve as the layout for the new library, and click 'Open' from the buttons down the window.


5. A small window will pop up using the same name. Change the name and save the new library. If the color library is already open, you need to close it to be able to replace it.


6. Afterwards the color library is opened and empty. Start to add or import colors.

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