On the left of the window, there are several parameters for the print layout as size, organization of Multicolorations, dimension, layouts organization, and the exportation mode.

  • Name - The printout name is a combination of the image file name and coloration name. Can be modified.
  • Adjustments - Options for setting up the page size and orientation. 
  • Colorations - Organization of one or more colorations, and their order on the page.
  • Size - Different dimension sizes of the colorway with repeat and offset options. 
  • Color samples - Select the sample layout and organize its position of it on the page. Can be hidden.
  • Generate - Offers several exportation options from the unfolded list.



Provides options for setting up the page size and orientation. 

Available sizes are:

  • Selection: Uses the selected area with guidelines from the colorway preview.
  • Full rapport: Uses the full rapport (document size) that adds rapport information to the newly generated document.
  • DIN A formats: A4 to A0.
  • Other: Takes the size that is set up in the Size for dimensions below.
  • Presets: Allows to create and delete presets with selected sizes. Sizes in width and height are customizable (except Full Rapport).

The profile and resolution information is based on the colorway profile and will be carried out in the exported documents. With multiple colorway selections using different color spaces or profiles in one document, the page will be converted to a Lab-Working profile.


You can choose the number of colorations to print, placing them in Columns and Rows. Separation of H and V can be added in pixels between the rows and columns.


According to the above settings, the print would look like this in page size DIN A4 horizontal.



Take into account that when you have many colorations opened and you have the Multicolorations option ticked, only the ones below the one you have selected will be in the print. When you want to print only one coloration, do not tick the Multicolorations box.

If you wish to change the order of the colorations, click on any of them on the page, to change to the one you want for that position. The Colorway options become active, where you can select any coloration opened. With the Fill button below the list, you can auto-fill the empty columns and rows with the next coloration in order.


Dimension Size 

Here you will find a list of options for the design dimension.

According to the settings, the dimension size would look like in page size DIN A4 horizontal for:

  • Selection - Selection takes the selected area that has been made by the selection adjustment with the icon.


  • Real Size-  Takes the 100% scale factor size.


  • Full rapport - Takes the full rapport of the image and makes repetition to fill the page.


  • Others - Customized dimension size and position. With this option you can change the offset, the image size, and the scale factor to customize your dimension size. Click on Edit to open the size dialog.


As an example, here the image is changed to 50 mm offset X and Y, and the scale factor is changed to 80%.


Color Samples

Color Samples options are to determine first if we wish to include the color patches layouts in the print or not. Tick 'Export' to include them.

The 'Change...' button takes us to the Layout Setup dialog where you can customize the size, composition, channel name, color library name, arrangement, and viewing color names. With the 'Load...' button you can select and load the default layouts with the extension .lyt. In case we wish to change the layout of color patches, then refer to the section Sample Layouts and Templates for more information.

The 'Options...' button above opens up a dialog to select the position of the color patches within the printable page and decide whether background patches or inactive patches shall also be included. Having a multichannel file with many channels, the option 'Allow multiline' will order the patch rows below each other. The scale factor of the layouts will be calculated and scaled automatically according to the page size. If you wish to use a 100 % scale factor, you must select a larger page size to fit the layout. 

As an example, the print would look like this in a DIN A4 horizontal; the layout location is on the Left and the justification is Down.

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