neoTextil 8.12.0

March 2023

What’s New

nT Colorations

  • Color selection in the library search: Now you can get color search results among the other colors in the libraries. If you want to search among other colors, enable the option "Color library search by selection" in Preferences. Once enabled, the search results will be shown with other colors. You can search from the library or from the colorway. With the arrows < and > you can jump to the next color that is found in the search.

  • Preserve rapport information in the exported colorway document. The new size "Full Rapport" will add the rapport information in the new document.

  • Hidden channels are indicated as inactive channels in layouts.

  • Scale and size information in neoTextil layouts. When using image scale attributes in layouts and the image is scaled, real, or rapport size in dimension size, then we show the scale information in the export preview and document.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed warning messages for neoCatalog Panel in French
  • Fixed wrong image scale information in UI
  • Fixed QuickPrint Panel generates a preview for high-size files.