This article provides detailed instructions on how to utilize the "Reprint" feature within our printing system. 

The "Reprint" function lets you effortlessly reopen and reproduce your previously completed print jobs with the exact same settings, as long as you haven't changed the configuration. It also conveniently stores all your print job information for future reference and quick retrieval.

The QRReader feature further enhances the overall user handling. The integration of QR codes streamlines the process by generating QR code printouts and embedding QR codes within Print History Report PDFs. Scanning the QR code will instantly access and display the archived job, rendering it readily available for reprinting.


Archiving Print Jobs

To commence the process of reprinting jobs, you must first archive them. The archive setting can be found in the Print Server Configuration. The job will be stored in the local neoStampa driver folder (e.g., C:\Users\Public\Documents\neoStampa 10\Jobs\Generic Printer\Archived). However, you have the flexibility to define a custom Job archive path within the 'Folders' section of the same dialog.

Reprint jobs

Once your job has been printed, it will be automatically archived and removed from the queue, assigned a unique ID. You can locate the print job within the Printing History, where the 'Reprint' button will be readily accessible.  Please note that the button is disabled when no Printing Queue is connected in the Control Center.

Simply click on the 'Reprint' button, which will open a dialog to confirm the reprint. This action will utilize the same printer and scheme employed in the initial print job.

Your job will then be unarchived and moved back to the Printing Queue Printer, ready to be printed again.

QR Code Generation

You can get QR codes in different ways:

1. QR in Printout: Generate QR codes for Print Jobs created in neoStampa using Print Statistics from Advanced settings, including QR code integration.

2. QR in Print Server: If you're using Print Jobs loaded and printed in the Print Server, you can easily obtain QR codes using Printing Statistics from Output Options with QR code support.

3. QR in Job Reports: Find QR codes within the Control Center Job info screen or by generating a Job report PDF.

neoQRReader app

Our neoQRReader making it easy to scan QR codes. You can configure the Control Center URL for QRReader in the Control Center preferences.

Available for macOS and Android.

Here's how to set up the neoQRReader app:

1. Open the app, go to Settings, and click on the plus button.

2. A dialog will appear, allowing you to scan the QR pairing code.

3. Click "Save," and your app will be paired with the Control Center.

4. Now, you can scan QR codes from print outputs and reports to start the reprinting process.

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