neoStampa 10.2.1

October 2023

What’s New

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Bug Fixes

In this release, we have addressed and resolved the DRD print issue that was affecting specific printer drivers.

neoStampa 10.2

October 2023

What’s New

DTF Halftone & Punch 

We enhanced the DTF options by adding to neoStampa the possibility to apply effects to the white mask with choke under Properties > Punch/Choke, with the white layer method management under Properties > White layer. This function will allow the garment to breathe and have a softer touch.


Drop Relation Determination

DRD is a technology to establish the relationship between the different sizes of drops, which will allow us to track the stability of a plotter, or equalize with other plotters of different heads and same inks.


Double ink split 

A new dithering algorithm that splits double ink channels effectively to reduce noise and dithering in light areas.


Printer Colorways with Curves

Spot color gradient options (custom curve, custom dot gain, custom solidity)


Object alignment and distribution function

The 'Alignment' option is a tool for anyone seeking to precisely align all open files within the same document, ensuring they are positioned uniformly in various directions.


  • Switching to the ColorLogic CMM color engine
  • Multiple Guideline management
  • Added option to improve preview quality in Preferences
  • PrintServer 'archiveJob'/'reloadJob' web API
  • Negative values for choke (grow function)
  • Print Server data storage optimizations
  • Custom text of color charts with print document Statistik
  • Better handling of multiple selections for Multichannel channels to apply modifications


Control Center 2.0

Reprinting Jobs 

The 'Reprint' function lets you effortlessly reopen and reproduce your previously completed print jobs with the exact same settings, as long as you haven't changed the configuration. It also conveniently stores all your print job information for future reference and quick retrieval.


Printing Queues 

A fresh, more responsive style for a better connection. In the Control Center, all the printing queues are displayed as cards, offering valuable information. These cards present printer names, associated workstations, the neoStampa version in use, current statuses, as well as the number of active jobs and their activity, measured in the unit selected in the Control Center Preferences.

Control Center Enhancements

  • Corrected missing translations in multiple languages.
  • Corrected statistics display problems and application-blocking issues.
  • Enhanced user interface consistency.
  • Simplified job management and tracking with improvement in the display and management of job data.
  • Resolved PDF generation issues, including background colors and text and download problems related to Unicode characters.
  • Eliminated duplicate entries in the CC Printing History by addressing system behavior problems after IP changes.
  • Enhanced data loading and display performance.

Bug Fixes

  • We've addressed several issues causing crashes and hang-ups, providing a more stable experience.
  • Problems with color matching and conversion in various tools have been resolved.
  • We've fixed an issue where solidity values were not being saved when modifying hybrid colorways.
  • Enhancements have been made to the Color Replacement dialog, and the placement of objects in the Japanese version has been corrected.