This article explores the scenario of colorway previews within the connection of neoCatalog and nT Colorations, focusing on cases where designs contain embedded colorways with printer profiles. When neoCatalog lacks the required profiles in its directory, and nT Colorations' preferences are set for XCM with embedded profiles, certain colorways may not be generated as expected. This article provides solutions for addressing this issue.


1. The design includes embedded colorways with printer profiles.

2. neoCatalog does not have these profiles installed in the "neoCatalog/Profiles" directory.

3. nT Colorations' preferences are configured for XCM with embedded profiles.


When importing a design that contains embedded colorways using a profile, it is considered normal behavior for colorways using a profile to not be generated due to the absence of the required profile in neoCatalog.


A: Import Color Profile from nC Administration

To address this issue, the first solution is to import the necessary color profile from the neoCatalog Administration to generate the missing previews.

B: Publish New Colorway from nT to nC

Alternatively, you can publish a new colorway from nT to nC, utilizing the required profile. This action will result in the creation of a single .icc file containing the embedded profile.

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