neoTextil 9.1.2

January 2024

What’s New

not included.

Bug Fixes

Corrected the issue with the wrong use date for new dongle activations.

neoTextil 9.1.1

January 2024

What’s New

  • We are running out of space nT Colorations for dialogs, and therefore we optimized the user interface by organizing preferences and color options into tabs and sub-dialogs for easier userbility.


  • Introduced neoTextil universal installer for enhanced compatibility.


  • For users with existing XDATS, the registration process for dongles has been improved and now it can skip registration until the next Photoshop restart.


nT Colorations

  • Ability to synchronize missing profiles directly from neoCatalog to your working station. 
  • Introduced the option to export XJB files from the nT Colorations to the background exportation in Rapport Mode size.
  • In response to user feedback, we display the full path of custom local paths, to know exactly where your files are stored.


neoTextil Panels

  • When you're working in Photoshop, the documents load quickly, and you can decide exactly when you want the Panels to start.

  • Added export XJB option to disk for nS QuickPrint panel.

  • Improve efficiency by allowing users to reload a single panel instead of reloading all panels, providing a more targeted and faster refresh option.
  • Enhanced responsiveness of the nT Job Queue Panel during job generation

Bug Fixes

  • nT Colorations: 
    • Addressed issues with Printer colorway generation.
  • nT Step&Repeat: 
    • Solved issue to access panel after the activation trial starts.
    • Fixed issue to apply vertical drop mode.
  • nS QuickPrint Panel: 
    • Addressed issues including Print Server connection, accessible Control Center in Panel, and process handling when closing the token dialog.
  • nT Job Queue Panel: 
    • Solved issues with generating jobs.
  • nC neoCatalog Panel: 
    • Fixed issues include program crashes when opening Colorations with designs from neoCatalog and the proper encoding of designs with special characters (e.g., Ñ).