Users have the capability to associate a Simulation object to a specific colorway by selecting the simulation name from the Colorway information. This allows them to utilize simulations that are tailored for the ultimate end product.

This becomes possible once the field 'Ambient' is added to the custom dialogs. To make this happen, we'll walk you through adding a field to your custom dialogs.


  1. Navigate to the relevant custom dialogs to modify the edit colorway dialog.

  2. Include the 'Ambient' field from the unused sections, position the field within the dialog, and then click 'Save' to implement the changes.

  3. Access your colorway and open the Colorway Information from the footer menu under Edit.

  4. In the new field, choose the simulation object.

  5. After adding it, click 'Save' to close the dialog, applying the simulation to the colorway instantly.

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