Management of Simulation objects is also an exclusive task of the Administrator/s in neoCatalog. With Inedit's Photoshop Plug-in nT Virtual Vision, you can modify the simulation objects with grids and shadows to get the 2D effect, or you have them provided by Inedit, ready to upload in neoCatalog. 

To access the 'Simulations' table, go to the 'Management' in administration and find the listed options in 'Materials'. In the first window, it shows a list of the already uploaded models, if any. By selecting them you can edit or delete them, and you can add new ones by clicking on the button. The button 'Update All', which also shows in each object, is used if the files have been changed at the origin and uploaded in neoCatalog again.

When clicking on the plus '+' button, a window opens where you can upload and edit the information in the new object. By default, it will take the file name. 


  1. Using 'Categories' you can create group simulations that will allow you to organize the objects by type that are available in the Simulation Page and Share Samples.

  2. With 'Customer' you can assign a customer and exclusivity for that object.

  3. The button 'Upload Object' allows you to search for the PSD or TIFF object file and working RGB profile, that has been modified from neoTextil VirtualVision, in your computer.

  4. Follow the simple window that will come up until the object is ready to upload.

  5. Once the upload is done you will see all the embedded simulation groups.

  6. Press Save after uploading the file.

  7. If the object file changes, then it needs to be uploaded and updated from the same object selection.

For quick object importation, you can also use neoCatalogs DropBox. Simply drop the simulation PSD file in /neoCatalogs/<My_Catalog>/DropBox and the simulation will be created automatically.

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