XML Layouts support in nT Colorations provides enhanced options for creating image file prints for sampling and production printing processes for optimal workflow and results.

Easily customize colorations, dimensions, and export formats for your layouts, and integrate QR code and watermark functionalities within the layout.

1. Open Layout window:

Open nT Colorations and load your file. Click on the icon with the "Generate template print pages" tooltip at the bottom-left side of the interface. A dialog with the "Template..." and "Layout..." options will appear. Click on "Layout" to open the Layout job generator window.

2. XML Layout Selection:

In the  window, click on the "Change..." button and navigate to the desired XML layout file located inside the "/neoTextil/QuickPrint/Layouts/" folder. The selected layout will be applied to the preview, displaying its details such as Name, Size, Profile, Resolution, and adjustments based on the layout page size.

3. Customizing Layout Size:

Adjust the width and height of the layout according to your requirements. Changes made to the layout size will be reflected in the preview.  nT Colorations remembers the last used layout, making it convenient for future sessions.

4. Select Colorways

When having multiple selected colorways, they will be applied automatically to the layout. If needed, you can uncheck the "Selected colorations" checkbox to enable the "Element" and "Coloration" dropdown menus. Choose the desired options to adjust the colorways accordingly.

5. Generating Documents:

Choose the desired output option from the available choices like "Generate document in Photoshop," "Save file to disk," etc and click on the "Make" button to generate the document based on your selections.

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