Click on the program’s icon, and follow the instructions to install it.

When the program is installed, the following window pops-up so that you can activate it with your key. Press Yes to follow the activation.

In the next window you have the chance to search in your computer for your license number (.xdat), which comes in the USB drive, or introduce the code manually or copying it, which also comes in the .xdat file. It is highly recommended to place this file in the desktop or somewhere that you can easily find.

In the first case, press the Explore button and search for the .xdat:

In the second case, copy and paste the code or type it manually:

At pressing the Apply button, a new window opens with Activation results. Be aware that if you have other Inèdit licenses too, those will be listed in the 

Licenses, but only the one related to neoStampa will be activated:

At the bottom left corner of the window you can see all the dongles you may have in a computer, and, if necessary, you can choose which one is to be used for the activation:

As a third option,  you choose to run neoStampa 8 in demo mode. A window will also pop-up indicating you so:

Finally, neoStampa will open for you to work.