This guide introduces the usage of the Konica Minolta FD-7 portable spectrophotometer in combination with the neoStampa Calibration Wizard. The full process of Calibration Wizard is described in the Calibration Wizard knowledge base.

Device Configuration

Driver Connection

The device driver will be installed by Windows automatically when is connected to the computer and switched on. If you have trouble with the automated installation of the driver, follow the description below.

Connect the device to the computer using the supplied USB cable and switch the spectrophotometer on. Open Control Panel | Device Manager. In the list, open Other Devices and select Konica Minolta FD-7. Click right and select Update Driver Software…

Browse to and select C:\Program Files\Inedit\neoStampa 10\required\. Click on Next to continue.

The installation of the driver starts and when is completed, click on Close.

Configuration in Calibration Wizard

Start Calibration Wizard. Click on Configure… bottom of the window.

Select the device from the list.


We are going to describe the process to read the Profiler Target, which takes the same steps when you read a Linearization. 

At the Printer Profiling step of the Calibration Wizard choose the target you need, from Very Large to Small, according to the device. Proceed to print the target with Print... and prepare the media if you need to, for example washing and steaming.

When the print is ready, press the Measure... button and the measuring dialog will open. Before reading the target, the calibration of the white has to be done.

Press down the head of the device on its plate until a light flashes. You can check the result on the head's screen. The dialog on the screen disappears when the calibration is finished and you can start reading the patches. 

Put the ruler over the printed target. The reading goes horizontally, line by line, starting at the numbered end of each line. Start from the top line, which numeration must match the enumeration of the reading dialog on your screen. Place the head of the device smoothly on the ruler and press the button on the left while reading the lines. As you read the lines of the target, you can see the progression on your screen.

There is another way to read your prints with the Konica Minolta FD-7 device, which is one by one. As we have seen before, first do the calibration of the white. Then turn the Target Mask lever at the back of the device to Unlock position. With the aid of the Target Mask base, read the patches one by one, pressing the black button.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial and see how to do it.