neoCatalog 3.11

May 2021


What’s New

Improved connectivity with Print Server

  • Saving printer schemes on presets when being connected with Print Server.
  • Now the Print Server management is improved in adding connections and even exploring Print Servers using security tokens to authenticate the Print Server in neoCatalog.

  • To be a neoCatalog user with no export privileges but still have possibilities to print in Print Servers need to get exclusivity on the Print Server configuration in Administration. 

Change one keyword with another

Available in administration to replace or rename keywords in neoCatalog.


Rapport information in different units 

This feature is made to support different rapport units in the Edit Design dialog. Can be modified with supported units "point", "points", "pt", "millimeter", "mm", "centimeter", "cm", "meter", "m", "inch", "in", "pica", "pc", "repeat", "rep", "r", "rp", "%", or "pix". 

Emails received from neoCatalog in Outlook

We have added the URL link in the email to receive and redirect the shared neoCatalog files. 

Attachments Previews

New option to view all attachments that are attracted to one design. 


Custom dialogs

When working with custom fields, then with custom dialogs you can define which fields should be shown in which dialogs. 


Shopping Cart - Get exclusivity on items

This workflow is applied to neoCatalog users that are buying colorways using the shopping cart, regardless if colorways are linked in galleries or out of galleries (advanced). 



Accept terms and conditions when importing files

New option to display terms and conditions agreements (advanced) in text form that must be accepted before design and digital colorways are published/updated from UI and nC neoCatalog Panel. 

Bug Fixes

  • Color Libraries with names larger than 32 characters in the importation.
  • PDF not sent by email from the Print page.
  • Users with the Manager category cannot see colorway text custom fields.