From the menu Measure | Measurement Settings you will reach Settings, where you can choose spectrophotometers and set up different measurement settings.

  • In Device, you can select the supported spectrophotometers.

  • The Illuminant is the theoretical source of visible light with a profile. neoMatch provides the standard types. By default is used D50 and D65.

  • Observer gives you two standard options that can be matched to the illuminants.

  • The Mode gives you options to choose the mode corresponding to your media and spectrophotometer.
    • The Spot is to measure patch by patch.
    • The Scan is to measure through lines.

  • Scan Count is used when the number of patches to read in the printouts matches with the Scan Count. The number can be changed during the matching process.

  • The Average number allows you to set measurements when measuring one color with the spectrophotometer matching process. The number can be changed during the matching process. The maximum average is 3.

  • Calibrate button will calibrate the spectrophotometer using its white calibration plate. Any changes in the color-matching process require a new calibration of the spectrophotometer.

Each supported spectrophotometer is managed with its own specific configuration and handling. Refer to the supported models' articles: